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With more than 20 years of  experience, the KREMPEL-GROUP is among the pioneers in the area of solar materials. Innovations and continual investment in production capacity as well as research and development have made the Group into one of the world's leading manufacturers of backsheets for use in photovoltaic solar modules.  In addition to providing electrical insulation, they protect against harmful environmental influences such as UV radiation, moisture, temperature fluctuations, microparticles and corrosive gases. Indeed, the backsheet is crucially important for the service life of the module.

KREMPEL Backsheets:

  • Krempel group

    with fluoropolymer

    for crystalline modules

  • Krempel group

    without fluoropolymer

     for crystalline modules

  • Krempel group

    for thin-film modules


  • Krempel group

    for back side contacting

Backsheets with fluoropolymer for crystalline modules

  • TPT™ / TPE with TEDLAR®
  • KPK™ / KPE with KYNAR®

Backsheet without fluoropolymer for crystalline modules

  • PPE with Polyester

Backsheet for thin-film modules

  • TAPE with TEDLAR®
  • PAPE mit with Polyester

Backsheets for back side contacting

  • BCF with TEDLAR® / copper

Application oriented solutions

  • „„ Quality from KREMPEL: Increase your efficiency and secure advantages with us.
     One needs an innovative and flexible partner like the KREMPEL-GROUP in the module market.
  • „„ Our diverse product portfolio "Made in Germany" offers proven quality at competitive prices for every application.
  • „„ KREMPEL backsheets are suitable for use in all climate zones, even under extreme conditions.
  • „„ With over 25 years of experience, we will gladly advise you in detail in order to select the optimal material.




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