Insulation sleevings »VIDAFLEX«

VIDAFLEX insulation sleevings from JSI can either be extruded from silicone elastomer compounds or braided/knitted using glass or polyester yarns. The fibre-based sleevings are then impregnated/coated with silicone, acrylic or polyurethane resins.

Excellent protection against electrical, thermal and mechanical stresses is given for cables, strands and conductors depending on the type of VIDAFLEX insulation sleeving used. The quality grades available for VIDAFLEX meet BS, IEC, ASTM and NEMA standards. Various types are also CSA- and UL-recognised.



Standard designs Insulation sleevings »VIDAFLEX«
Structure of VIDAFLEX insulation sleevings Insulation class
Silicone elastomer sleevings H +
Glass or polyester sleevings, coated with acrylic or polyurethane resins
Glass sleevings, coated with silicone resin or elastomers H +
Glass braided sleevings C +
Expandable sleevings for cable harnesses -

Woven tapes »VIDATAPE«

VIDATAPE from JSI are woven tapes made from either glass or polyester yarns as well as from combinations of different yarn types, e.g. glass/polyester, glass/aramide or glass/copper wire. Special variants: Tapes made using pre-shrunk or high-shrinkage polyester yarns.

VIDATAPE woven tapes are used in a very wide range of taping applications, e.g. as the finishing layer and in tying, in electrical engineering and rotating machines as well as in the production of transformers.



Tying cords »VIDACORD«

VIDACORD tying cords from JSI are glass and/or polyester-braided or knitted tying cords which can have a glass or polyester fibre outer depending on the requirements e.g. where a polyester-braided outer with a glass filler is preferred.

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