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E-MOBILITY Electrical Insulations for EV / HEV and Special Materials for battery systems

As an independent global company, we want to help you move forward with your diverse range of e-mobility development projects: From the requirements analysis to material selection.

You can rely on our expertise and many years of practical experience in electrical and thermal insulation technology and pioneering materials.


High-performance motor insulation

Krempel offers a comprehensive portfolio of electrical insulation materials for automotive applications, developed especially for use in hybrid and electric motors. We understand your needs, because our products have been proving themselves in day-to-day use for many years.

• Slot insulation, intermediate insulation, phase insulation and slot closures for thermal classes 130 to 200 (in accordance with IEC 60085)
• High-temperature-resistant adhesive systems for a short-term thermal overload capacity of up to 260°C
• Significantly increased thermal conductivity of up to 0.45 W/mK
• Improved resistance to partial discharge
• Resistant to ATF Oil


Powerful battery insulation

Krempel can help you find battery insulation solutions for the future – developed in line with your specific requirements.

  • Materials for electrical and thermal insulation and heat dissipation
  • Insulation for laminated bus bars
  • Special laminates made from aluminium, copper and polyimide films and other polymer materials with thermoforming and heat-sealing properties
  • Flexible copper clad laminates and coverlay (FCCL & CL) for flexible printed circuits (FPC)
  • Finishing and processing of flexible materials: e.g self-adhesive PSA coatings, metallizing, punching, embossing, shaping
  • Fibre composite materials for battery housings

Selecting the right materials is the key to success. Krempel develops customer-specific products and solutions. We work in close partnership with you to design solutions that are specially tailored to your requirements, to help you make your most ambitious projects a reality.

Our goal is to help you find the best solutions to lay the foundations for the next generation.



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