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For motors & dry-type transformers

The electrical industry demands insulation materials with the best electrical, mechanical and chemical properties for higher and higher thermal classes. KREMPEL meets this demand with its flexible multi-layer insulation materials. The quality and properties of flexible multi-layer insulation materials are defined in IEC 60626.


Flexible multi-layer insulation materials from KREMPEL are laminates made of plastic films and fibre materials that provide both technical and economical advantages.


  • By laminating the different individual components, we combine their positive properties together in an ideal way. For example, plastic film (electrical insulation film) provides excellent electrical and mechanical properties, while the fibre material guarantees good impregnability and protection of the film.

  • The composite structure increases the tear strength and tear resistance, improves foldability and stampability, and protects the film against harmful influences from oxidation and hydrolysis and against damage during processing (e.g. cuts or pressure marks due to punching burrs from electrical steel), for

  • The fibre material sheets that are bonded on represent a kind of adhesion promoter for the impregnation resin, which leads to improved heat dissipation from the current-carrying winding to
    the iron core.

  • We produce flexible multi-layer insulation materials by bonding electrical insulation film to electrical presspaper, non-woven material, fabric or synthetic papers. We have universal bonding machines for this, which represent the technological and environmental state of the art; we have incorporated our decades of lamination experience into their processes.

  • Computer-controlled manufacturing processes and continuous process data acquisition guarantee the highest level of production and functional safety for our products.


We offer you flexible multi-layer insulation materials for standard and special applications. The standard laminates include TRIVOLTON®,TRIVOLTHERM®, EVITHERM, PHASOFLEX and PHASOTHERM, which have proved successful over decades, while our special laminates are distributed under the name AKAFOL. Our portfolio also includes multi-layer prepregs.



Standard laminates

Are mostly produced with three layers. Three-layer laminates have the advantages that, due to their symmetrical structure, the hygroscopic effect of various individual components (presspaper, aramidepaper) is reduced and prevents the tendency that two-layer laminates have to roll. That is an essential factor for the automatic processing of these multi-layer insulation materials.




Special laminates

Some electrotechnical construction tasks require the use of special laminates, since they often cannot be handled optimally with conventional standard laminates. In order to continue to support our customers in these cases as well, we offer a wide range of specially-developed laminates with very specific properties. Our special laminates are produced from a wide variety of materials with two, three, four or five layers. The selection of the raw materials depends on the intended purpose. The primary material is often one of our standard laminates such as TRIVOLTHERM® N or PHASOTHERM.



Multi-layer prepregs

PREPREGS are flexible materials with a reactive resin application. Approved KREMPEL multi-layer insulation materials are used as backing material for multi-layer prepregs. The advantage of this product variant is that the still-reactive impregnation resin is placed together with the insulation material in slots or windings.


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