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Backsheets with fluoropolymer for crystalline modules from Krempel

The classical materials AKASOL® PTL (TPT™) and AKASOL® PVL (KPK™) with fluoropolymer film as the cell-side and outer layer have proven their quality worldwide in 25 years of use. The PTL type of material is in the form of TEDLAR®-PVF film whereas the PVL type is available as KYNAR®-PVDF film. In addition, AKASOL® PTL 2 (TPE) and AKASOL® PVL 2 (KPE) have been developed to provide a more cost-effective solution. In both cases, the outer layer is still a fluoropolymer film, whereas the cell side is in the form of a primer layer with outstanding UV absorbers.

The Yellowing Index proves that fluoropolymer films possess long-term UV resistance and the previously under-appreciated advantage of being able to inhibit flammability and flame propagation considerably. For the electrically insulated inner layer, we use modified, dimensionally stable polyester films for all types of AKASOL®. We thus achieve the necessary partial-discharge resistance for the respectively desired system voltages of solar modules up to 1000 volts. For integrated building design with PV modules (BIPV), we supply black and transparent backsheets as well as a unique red one.

When manufacturing AKASOL® backsheet laminates, we intentionally insist on using premium materials and are thus able to provide solar module manufacturers with outstanding quality which it pays to take advantage of. This is because, due to its excellent finish, AKASOL protects the expensive components of such modules against environmental influences, thus hindering failures that can often lead to considerable costs. And it does this reliably for decades, by the way.




At a glance:

  • With TEDLAR® PVF or KYNAR® PVDF films  in various thicknesses
  • „„Exterior protection and cell-side protection with TEDLAR® PVF or KYNAR® PVDF (TPT™ / KPK™)
  • „„Alternative exterior protection with TEDLAR® PVF or KYNAR® PVDF and cell-side protection with
    durable UV stabilised primer (TPE / KPE)
  • „„Hydrolytically stable core films for safe and durable mechanical properties
  • Transparent backsheet for BIPV and bi-facial cells

  • Over 30 years field experience worldwide



Standard products:

Backsheet with TEDLAR®
Backsheet with KYNAR®

The following applies for all Krempel backsheet types:

  • Good reflection for high yield
  • New IEC 61730 meets standard for 1,000 V and 1,500 V system voltage
  • Certificate ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949 (automotive), UL, TÜV / VDE, JET, CPVT
  • Partial discharge certificate according to current IEC exists for all products (> 1000 V measured in the air)
  • Compatibility to all standard encapsulants, also to higher light transmission EVAs
  • Additional aluminium foil as steam barrier (High Barrier Film) for thin-film modules of all technologies

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