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Backsheet without fluoropolymer for crystalline modules (PET backsheet) from Krempel

Given the enormous pressure of competition today, many solar module manufacturers are faced with the need to enhance their efficiency substantially. This can only be done with innovative and flexible partners such as the KREMPEL-GROUP that can be relied on over the long term.

Safety and reliability are decisive factors in the selection of materials for solar modules, but the solar market demands inexpensive alternatives. Krempel developed the AKALIGHT® ECS (PPE) product in order to ensure that their quality standards  remain in line with market requirements. With AKALIGHT® ECS (PPE), we combined the tried-and-tested cell side layers with a special polyester film that is unaffected  by UV radiation and has been defined for reliable use in the outer layer in accordance with the highly demanding standards that KREMPEL has set itself.

  • With UV and hydrolytically stable PET film for safe exterior protection
  • Hydrolytically stable core films for safe and durable mechanical properties
  • Cell-side protection through durable UV stabilised primer






Standard Products

Backsheet with Polyester

The following applies for all KREMPEL backsheet types:

  • Good reflection for high yield
  • New IEC 61730 meets standard for 1,000 V and 1,500 V system voltage
  • Certificate ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949 (automotive), UL, TÜV / VDE, JET, CPVT
  • Partial discharge certificate according to current IEC exists for all products (> 1000 V measured in the air)
  • Compatibility to all standard encapsulants, also to higher light transmission EVAs
  • Additional aluminium foil as steam barrier (High Barrier Film) for thin-film modules of all technologies

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