PREPREG from Krempel: the ideal basis

PREPREGS - PREimPREGnated materials - are fibre materials with reactive resins. With their numerous options of processing, they represent the ideal basis for light-weight and high-strength construction parts.

The Krempel PREPREG systems are based on reactive resins with a latent curing system at ambient temperatures and a highly reactive curing system at higher temperatures.

Initially, the PREPREG resins are present in the reactive B-state with medium to high viscosity. Effortless processing is provided by applying energy and simultaneous forming. Hereby, the low molecular, still fusible resins are transformed into the high molecular non-fusible C-state. We match the resin system precisely to the specification of the converter for this controlled process.

Structural parts with excellent properties can be fabricated in combination with glass, carbon and aramid fibres. Application-specific properties can be customised for the relevant requirements by adding additives pigments and fillers.

For plastic mould manufacturing Krempel offers both extensive engineering services as well as field-proven design solutions and ready-for-use tooling. Especially the Krempel PREPREG system BX provides a multitude of advantages:

  • „ Tempering in the demoulded state (after initial hardening at 55 °C)
  • „ Autoclave cycles at low temperature & low consolidation pressure
  • „ Use of low-cost model materials
  • „ Hardening cycles with different temperature control
  • „ High cycle number if used as a tool




TOOLING PREPREG System BX (Epoxy Resin)
PREPREG System BE (Epoxy Resin)
PREPREG System PD (Phenolic Resin)
PREPREG System HH (Polyimide Resin)
PREPREG System SG (Silicon Resin)


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