Pultrusion Profiles from Krempel

Under the name WACOSIT®, we deliver fibre-reinforced pultrusion and filament winding profiles, which offer many advantages:

  • Good mechanical, thermal and electrical properties
  • Resistant to corrosion, humidity and many chemicals
  • High surface smoothness and reliable dimensional accuracy
  • Large variety of types
  • For special uses, e.g. also weather-resistant, with electrical conducting surface, in flame-retardant version or in special colours
  •  Can be manufactured to any length – only limited by transport conditions
  • Problem-free processing
  • The profiles are washed, barrel-finished and packaged together upon request
  • Parts can also be delivered with a “peel ply”
  • Tools available for over 5,000 WACOSIT® standard profiles
  • Of course, we also produce special profiles according to your specification




    Pultrusion matrix system
    Manufacturing capabilities
    Circular profiles
    Semicircular profiles with / without shoulder
    Rectangular profiles
    Trapezoid profiles with / without shoulder
    Wedge profiles with shoulder
    Dogbone, Coner and Coil-shell profiles
    Rectangular tube profiles
    Tube profiles
    U profiles round / angular
    Angle profiles with / without radius
    T profiles
    Wound tubes
    Customised profiles


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