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Electrical Insulation for Dry Type Transformers from Krempel

The reliability of dry type transformers is largely determined by the quality of the insulation materials used. The insulation materials must be able to reliably withstand the numerous mechanical, thermal, electrical, chemical and climatic loads during production as well as in operation.

Krempel offers suitable materials for all insulation applications in dry type transformers.

We are extremely well versed in the properties of our products and can always offer you the optimal solution for your applications.


1. Layer and winding insulation for low-voltage coils
2. Outer bandings for low-voltage coils
3. Spacer strips for low-voltage coils
4. Supports and spacers for low-voltage coils
5. Core bandage (without copy)
6. Insulation cylinders
7. Layer insulation for high-voltage coils (without copy)
8. Cast-resin strengthening for high-voltage coils

We offer a wide variety of solutions as well as the electrical insulation material appropriate to your dry transformers.

  • Prepregs (B-stage)
  • Pultrusion profiles / GFRP (WACOSIT)
  • Banding tapes (HYPERTEN)
  • Multi-Layer Insulation / Flexible Laminates (DMD, NMN, Transformer Prepreg)

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