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Electrical Insulation for High Voltage from Krempel

The insulating system consists of several components that need to be very closely matched to each other. In the framework of an intensive advisory process regarding the technical aspects of the application in question, we work with the customer to find the solution that is the best in terms of both technology and economic efficiency. In many cases, modifying existing products or developing new tailor-made ones is often the only way to solve design-engineering problems.

Here you can find the different
Krempel insulating material components for high-voltage machines

1. Conductor and turn insulation
2. Coil and bar consolidation
3. Fillers for conductor stacks
4. Main insulation
5. Endwinding sealing
6. Packing and wedging for windings
7. Endwinding finishing and bracing (without copy)
8. Rotor (without copy)

We offer a wide variety of solutions as well as the electrical insulation material appropriate to your high-voltage machines:

  • Mica Tape
  • Prepregs (i.a. Nomexprepreg)
  • Conductive materials
  • Electrically conducting epoxy resin mastic
  • Sealing tapes (HYPERSEAL)
  • Side & Top ripple springs
  • Pultrusion profiles
  • Slot wedges
  • Banding tapes (HYPERTEN)


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