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AKAFLEX® Successful solutions for flexible printed circuits from Krempel

AKAFLEX® is an all-inclusive product family of flexible and semi-flexible base materials such as copper clad laminates (CCL), coverlay films, bonding films and adhesive prepregs. These products are designed for manufacturing flexible printed circuits and are characterised by many outstanding advantages:


  • AKAFLEX® provides the right solution in meeting the technical and economic requirements by individual selection of the metal foils and backing materials for the particular job in question.
  • AKAFLEX® can be processed by all common techniques for producing flexible circuit boards.
  • AKAFLEX® stands for constancy in product quality - guaranteed by ISO TS 16949.
  • AKAFLEX® meets the requirements of IPC specifications.
  • AKAFLEX® laminates and coverlay films on polyimide basis are listed under UL 94. 
  • AKAFLEX® is halogen free and conforms to RoHS.
  • AKAFLEX® products are available on reels or supplied as sheets.


Semiflexible base materials
Flexible base materials
Coverlay films, bonding films, adhesive prepregs

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