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TEDLAR® PVF film: Impressive properties that protect substrates and act as release liners

Over fifty years ago, DU PONT developed an innovative polyvinyl fluoride film known as TEDLAR® PVF. With outstanding mechanical, electrical and chemical properties as well as extreme resistance to weather, TEDLAR® is the ideal protection and release material. These superior properties of TEDLAR® have been repeatedly confirmed over decades of proven field performance and laboratory tests.



The benefits

  • TEDLAR® is a polyvinyl fluoride film. The fluoride in the film creates a stronger chemical bond than in normal polymers and this, in turn, results in a much stronger product. As a result, TEDLAR® is resistant to sunlight, solvents, acids, bases, moisture and oxidation.

  • TEDLAR® is stretched lengthways and crossways during the manufacturing process. This creates a molecular grid, which significantly improves the film's physical properties. It gives TEDLAR® enhanced abrasion resistance, lower moisture adsorption and enables it to be stretched by over 100 percent without tearing.

  • TEDLAR® contains no plasticizers. It is colour-fast and resistant to fading, chalking and mould. The non-adhesive, stain-resistant surface can be easily cleaned. Even the strongest cleaning agents do not damage the film.

  • TEDLAR® displays outstanding properties in temperatures ranging from -70°C to +110 ° C. It can also easily deal with short-term temperature peaks up to approximately 200 °C.

  • TEDLAR® can be securely and permanently bonded to substrates using special adhesives. The film expands and contracts along with the underlying substrate during temperature fluctuations.TEDLAR® is available in a wide range of variants, enabling it to be used in a broad scope of applications by designers.
  • TEDLAR® is extruded or cast by DU PONT under the strictest quality standards using a patented polymerisation process. Each batch is carefully checked prior to delivery to ensure it meets the technical specifications.



TEDLAR® PVF film is used as a laminating film, protection film and a release liner. Available in a broad colour palette and many different versions, TEDLAR® offers a huge amount of design flexibility.



Surface protection

TEDLAR® is available in special configurations with different compositions and surface types, making it the ideal film for protecting surfaces in a wide range of areas. For example: Cladding panels, roof elements, pipes, acoustic elements, wall panelling, air-supported structures, flexible tanks, solar collectors, photovoltaic cells, electronic signs, labels, street signs, and recycled PVC panels.

Release liner

Surface TEDLAR® has excellent mechanical and anti-stick properties and is almost inert in the presence of acids, bases and the majority of solvents. All of which makes it the ideal release liner for epoxy and phenolic resins and for polyester and rubber compounds. Unlike other release agents, TEDLAR® does not contain any plasticizers that could leach unintentionally into the substrate.


Special laminates

KREMPEL has been combining TEDLAR® with woven fabrics, films and non-woven fabrics to create special laminates for targeted applications for many years now. This includes backsheets for solar modules, window shades for aircraft as well as material for protective clothing.



TEDLAR® PVF film is a registered trademark of the Du Pont company. KREMPEL is an authorised TEDLAR® dealer.




KAPTON®: High-temperature polyimide (PI) films

KAPTON® polyimide films from Du Pont feature a unique combination of properties that cannot be found in any other polymer film materials.


The benefits

  • KAPTON® can be used for short periods in temperatures ranging from -269 °C to +400 °C; it can withstand long-term exposure to temperatures up to +230 °C. *1)

  • KAPTON® has low flammability, is self-extinguishing and only starts to carbonise at 800 °C.

  • KAPTON® does not have a melting point.

  • KAPTON® has excellent chemical resistance; there are no known organic solvents for the film.

  • KAPTON® is extremely resistant to radiation.

  • KAPTON® is the only film to show resistance to corona discharge (with CR type)



*1) KAPTON® has been proven to function in applications with ambient temperatures of -269 °C to +400 °C, however, a full set of data about its behaviour under such extreme conditions is not available to date.



KAPTON® can be used in a vast range of technical and design applications. This is primarily due to its ability to retain its outstanding chemical, mechanical and electrical properties over a broad temperature range. KAPTON® polyimide film is particularly suited to applications with high operating temperatures and where other plastic films fail.



KAPTON® polyimide film is a registered trademark of the Du Pont company. KREMPEL is an authorised KAPTON® dealer.




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