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ELECTRONIC MATERIALS Basis for successful solutions Ready for the future Copper-foil laminate Flexible printed circuit With our base material AKAFLEX® we have an all-inclusive product portfolio of flexible base laminates, coverlay films and bonding films for use in manufacturing flexible printed circuits. We manufacture our flexible base laminates using special laminating machinery by bond- ing high-quality plastic backing films onto selected metal foils, such as copper, aluminium, copper-nickel or brass. Extreme loads, very high temperatures, as well as hot and humid climates do not present any problems for circuits made from our materials. Our base material AKASMART® is a tape-shaped backing material for manufacturing chip cards, non-contact cards, Smart Labels and numerous other applications in the fields of cards and RFID. Etching or stamping processes are today state-of-the-art in the produc- tion of chip modules. We offer solutions for both processes, either as metal-coated carriers or adhesive-coated substrates. Chip module carriers Our flexible base materials are proven starting materials in the manufacturing of flexible printed circuits and SmartCards. These lightweight, flexible and space- saving components are used increasingly in all fields of electronics: as circuits in cameras, mobile telephones and automobiles. As cabling, foil heating and shields. Or as chip module carriers. 10 Tyco Electronics