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Special laminate Insulated with KAPTON® Protected with TEDLAR® SPECIAL FILMS SPECIAL LAMINATES For extreme requirements Material solutions with potential KAPTON® polyimide films have excellent electrical, chemical and thermal properties and are therefore well suited for appli- cations in high-temperature ranges, e.g. in electrical insulation technology. TEDLAR® PVF films offer impressive properties for protection and separation and are needed for, e.g., panel coatings, wall- paper or release films for pressing operations. NOMEX® aramid papers offer outstanding electrical, chemical and thermal values. They are mainly used in electrical enginee- ring applications. KAPTON®, TEDLAR® and NOMEX® are registered trademarks of DuPont. Another focus of our company is the development of special laminates which we design with exactly defined characteristics for specific applications in collaboration with our customers. This is where our long-standing know-how in laminating, our wide range of production equipment, and our in-depth knowledge in choosing films and adhesives are of benefit. KAPTON® polyimide films, TEDLAR® PVF films and NOMEX® aramid papers are special films and papers manufactured by the DuPont company. Not only do we process large quantities of these high-quality products to laminates or prepregs, the KREMPEL-GROUP is also an authorised distributor in a number of countries. Special laminates of different materials and film types round off our product port- folio. 11