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ELECTRICAL INSULATIONS Safety - from the generation of electricity to its use Proven worldwide Large-scale generator Power transformer Distribution transformer Our pressboard is produced from high-purity cellulose using special carton machines and high performance presses. In meeting these requirements, the traditional craftsmanship of "papermaking" is now in greater demand than ever before. Our presspaper is manufactured with special paper machines and we operate one of the largest production plants in the world for the continuous production of presspaper. Our presspaper and pressboard is used with excellent results, mainly in oil-filled transformers, capacitors and electrical motors. Our multi-layer insulation materials are made by laminating plastic film with fibrous materials. Special laminating equipment and adhesive sy- stems developed by ourselves provide the necessary know-how. Our multi- layer insulation materials are used as flexible insulations, largely in electric motors and choke coils. Our electrical insulations have been used for decades now in finding solutions for insulation problems in motors, generators, transformers, capacitors and other electrical equipment. Our customers include all major companies in the electrical industry throughout the world, and they trust our sound advice in their electrical engineering applications. Many developments in electrical engineering were only made possible by using our products, as the insulation system is the deciding factor for the reliable performance and service life of electrical machines and equipment. To manage this core problem in electrical engineering, the KREMPEL- GROUP offers a variety of solutions with its comprehensive range of insulation materials from a single source. 4