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Mica products Woven tapes Pressboard Rotor in a motor Ballasts Hand-held devices Multi-layer insulations Prepregs We manufacture our electric prepregs* from a wide range of insulation materials and impregnating or coating resins. These materials serve as insulations and tying systems in dry-type transformers and electric motors where the electrical conductor is permanently bonded to the insulation. * Prepreg = PREimPREGnated material Our mica products possess unique insulating properties. They are manufactured from mineral mica-paper and a backing material of glass fabric or film. Our mica tapes are ideal insulation materials for high-voltage applications. Our electrically conductive materials ensure the overall insulation management in high-voltage machines. The functional safety of generators is influenced decisively by our side and top ripple springs. Our pultruded plastic profiles are, for example, used as slot- closing wedges in electric motors or as cooling channel spacers in transformers. We maintain a large pool of high-speed machines for braiding, knitting and weaving of fabric tapes, insulation sleevings and cords. These textile products are required for electrical machines and transformers. 5