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SOLAR MATERIALS The strong backbone for solar modules Durable and adjustable Solar park Solar plant Building integration (BIPV)) AKASOL® backsheet is produced on highly specialized laminating machines using our own developed adhesive systems in which we consciously place emphasis on high-quality materials. Because of their multilayer composition, AKASOL® backsheet satisfy all requirements to the full and provide an effective protection on the reverse side of photovoltaic modules. The core of AKASOL® is based on the polyester film. Its outstanding electrical insulation properties ensure electrical operating safety of the modules usually operating with a system voltage of 1000 V. The necessary protection of the core film against environmental influences is ensured by fluoropolymer films. Long lasting experience has proven the TEDLAR®-PVF films produced by DuPont to be a good practical solution for this purpose. Along with these, KYNAR®-PVDF films by ARKEMA are also used. Both materials have shown their reliability in outdoor applications throughout the decades. With nearly 20 years of experience, KREMPEL is a pioneer in solar technology. Thanks to the power of innovation and continual investments in research and efficiency we have become one of the world leading manufacturers of backsheet for solar modules on the dynamic market of photovoltaics. KREMPEL solar materials reliably protect photovoltaic modules over decades against environmental effects including UV radiation, humidity, temperature changes, microparticles and corrosive gases. Thus, we are helping to make photovoltaics a safe and sustainable investment and are contributing to the environmentally-friendly generation of energy. 6