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In engineering, we help our customers in the fibre-composite adequate design of components. The methods used for dimensioning and design include classic strength and laminate theories as well as FEM analysis. We use a number of different impregnating technologies in the manufacturing of our prepregs*. The fabrics, non-wovens, rovings and warps are impregnated using specially adapted resin systems. Pre­ ferred strengthening materials include glass, carbon and aramid fibres. But we also process natural fibres. The resulting impregnated materials are ideal starting materials for further processing to sheet material or components. * Prepreg = PREimPREGnated material We press our plastic sheets and moulded parts from our own prepregs or from very high-quality thermo- plastics. This allows us to best fulfil customer requirements and to guarantee an extremely high standard of quality. We use the very latest in multiple-pressing and moulded part presses, as well as autoclaves and vacuum tables. Our own tool-building facility allows short production timelines “from the initial design to the finished product". COMPOSITES Innovative in materials, components and service The more demanding the better Aerospace Automotive engineering Sports equipment Our composites and high-performance components have a permanent place in aerospace, plant and machinery construction, in railway and automotive engineering, in medical technology and electrical engineering, as well as in the manufacture of sports equipment. These materials possess properties and provide engineering possibilities which cannot be rivalled by conventional materials. From the idea to the finished product. We have innovative products. We have complex manufacturing lines. We have committed and creative employees. We have toughest testing and quality procedures. But above all, we have comprehensive engineering know-how on fibres, resins and process technology. 8