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Our laminated plastic tubes are manufactured from a wide range of resin-impregnated prepregs using the tape-winding technique. The mechanical finishing of these tubes is another of our specialties. We turn, machine, drill and saw components from an extensive range of high-performance composites, insulating materials and plastics to the tightest of tolerances using state-of-the-art CNC machines or water-jet cutting systems. We manufacture high-quality injection and compression mouldings from sophisticated engineering plastics using computer-controlled injection moulding equipment of the latest generation. Our complex 3D modelling techniques, including Moldflow™ allow for effective solutions for both materials and production. Moulding Machining Injection mouldingPressing PultrudingFilament windingEngineering Railways Medical applications Electrical engineering We have a choice of over 5,000 available tools for manufactur­ ing pultruded profiles, whereby the making of special profiles is one of our strong points. We mainly process synthetic resin- impregnated rovings made of glass fibres. However, we also use carbon or aramid fibres. Our filament windings are manufactured on computer-con- trolled filament winding equipment. By appropriate selection of the fibres, resins, winding angles and cross-sections, we can apply customer-specific properties to these rotation-symmetrical hollow bodies. Impregnating 9 Siemens Transrapid